Screw Weigh Feeders

Screw Weigh Feeder
Screw Weigh Feeders
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The Process Automation Screw Weigh feeder provides a solution to accurately meter out products that are best handled by screw conveyor.

A screw feeder, designed as a proportioning device, will have a throughput roughly proportional to the rotational speed of the screw - assuming that the screw is full at all times with a material of constant bulk density.

With the addition of the Process Automation, non-contacting, Gamma-Weigh® Mass Meter, the throughput may be accurately computed by measuring the actual mass of material in the screw. Fluctuations in material depth and bulk density are measured and compensated for.

Screw speed is measured using the all digital PT-500/2500 Speed Sensor.

Signal processing is performed by our UNIPRO® weighing transmitter, providing all the connectivity required from a weigh feeding system.