Process Variable Indicator

Process Variable Indicator
Process Variable Indicator
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The Process Variable Indicator (PVI) provides both a digital & graphical display of any analogue (4-20 mA) process variable. The display of the process variable is provided in two simultaneous forms viz. bar graph and numeric value.

The bar graph is programmable into up to 5 regions. Each bar region may be programmed to display in one of 3 colours, making it easy for the Operator to spot any measured value as being out of the "normal" operating range e.g. A control valve may be at its most efficient when operated between 15% and 70% open. The PVI may then be calibrated to display the Bar as "Green" for values in this region and "Red" for values between 0%-14% and 71%-100%.

The numeric value of the variable is also displayed on a 4 digit seven-segment LED display. The numeric display may be configured to display in either Engineering Units or in Percentage.

Programmable high and low alarms will result in the display(s) flashing when the variable is in these conditions.

All calibration information is safely stored in EEPROM for automatic retrieval after failure of power to the instrument.

The instrument is self-contained and packaged in a DIN format panel mount enclosure.