I-Tag Electronic Isotope Tag

I-Tag Electronic Isotope Tag
I-Tag Electronic Isotope Tag
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The I-Tag system provides a safer and more reliable system of reading Radio Nuclide and Source Holder information.

The I-Tag is permanently attached to the source holder/container and allows simplified (electronic) reading of the Source Tag data.

Corrosion and environmental effects are eliminated due to construction materials used in the I-Tag.

The I-Tag system is much safer as it does not expose the human eye to the gammas (as would be the case when reading the data from the conventional metal tag which is attached directly to the source holder).

The I-Tag cannot be separated from the source holder, thus preventing mis-labeling and confusion. The I-Tag is read using a non-contacting technology and does not require touching the source holder, thereby preventing possibility of exposure to radiation contamination.

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