Gamma Level Switch

Gamma Level Switch
Gamma Level Switch
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Gamma type (Point) Level Switches are used to detect level/blockages in chutes & vessels. Application is simple requiring the source and detector to be attached to the exterior of the vessel where the level is to be measured. Measurement is non-contacting & non-invasive ensuring minimum maintenance and thereby enhancing reliability of operation.

Some versions of the gamma switch can also measure material build-up on the sides of chutes/vessel walls and provide an early warning of impending trouble. The process can then be adjusted/stopped timeously in an orderly fashion, allowing clearing of the build-up before any blockage occurs.


  • The Gamma point level switch operates on the principle of gamma ray absorption.
  • The measurement system comprises a gamma emitting source and an appropriate gamma detector, mounted on opposite sides of the chute/vessel. As material build-up occurs, more and more of the gamma rays are absorbed/blocked. The detector measures the reduction in gamma rays and provides an output once the pre-set attenuation is exceeded.
  • Being non-invasive, measurement is unaffected by process pressure, temperature, dust, viscosity, refractive characteristics, etc. It also does not suffer the wear and tear or corrosion normally associated with invasive measurement techniques.
  • The Gamma Point level system is available in two formats viz. Detector with Remote mounting transmitter electronics or; detector with integrated processing electronics.
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