Gamma - Continuous Level

Continuous Level Gauge
Continuous Level Gauge
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Non-invasive, non-contacting, Gamma-type Continuous Level Gauge

Being non-invasive, the measurement is unaffected by Process, Pressure, Temperature, Viscosity, Refractive Characteristics etc. and does not suffer the wear associated with invasive type measurement techniques. This results in reduced maintenance requirements & improved reliability of the measurement.

Operation is based on gamma ray absorption.

The system employs a fan shaped beam of gamma rays and a gamma detector (of appropriate length to match the measurement range), mounted externally on opposite sides of the vessel. As the process level rises between the source and detector, the Process will progressively block-off the gamma beam, thereby providing an indication of the Process level in the vessel.

The source of gamma rays is an encapsulated isotope (normally 137Cs) which is housed on a lead filled steel container (source holder). The source holder is equipped with a collimated aperture and shutter mechanism to control the beam of gammas being emitted. As an option a solid state I-TAG is available to record the isotope details and allow non contacting electronic reading thereof.


  • Totally enclosed vessel
  • High temperature vessels 
  • High pressure vessels 
  • Vacuum vessels 
  • Hazardous applications such as Autoclaves etc.
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