Change-in-Weight Feeders

Change-in-Weight Feeders
Change-in-Weight Feeders
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The Process Automation Change-in-Weight weigh feeder is a process feed control system extracting directly from or into a hopper/silo. The Change-In-Weight feeder can be operated as either Loss-in-Weight or Gain-in-Weight.

Superior accuracies are achievable over a wide feed rate range. Most solid or liquid products can be accommodated. The system may be totally enclosed, making it ideal for applications where environmental issues (dust, toxicity etc.,) are involved.

The material feed rate is determined by the rate at which material is being “lost from” or “gained into” the weigh hopper.

The feed rate (t/h) may also be integrated to totalize (t) the mass dispensed.

Signal processing is performed by our UNIPRO® weighing transmitter.

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