Belt Weigh Feeders

Belt Weigh Feeders
Belt Weigh Feeders
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Process Automation Belt Weigh Feeders are purpose built  (to suit the application requirements), for almost any product, capacity, belt width or length.

For those applications demanding the highest performance our Automated “In-Line Calibration Checking” may be incorporated. This allows continual monitoring of the accuracy of the weigh feeder, while in normal operation - without having to stop the Process!

Two alternative technologies for the weight measurement may be employed on the belt weigh feeder; i.e. either the Electro-Mechanical type conveyor Scale or the non-contacting Gamma type conveyor Scale.

Batch Control may be incorporated to allow dispatch of pre-set quantities of material.

Blending of materials via multiple weigh feeders is possible using our blending / batching control system.

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