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The Process Automation UNIPRO® Transmitter is a modular system allowing flexibility in configuration.

The user friendly interface provides on-screen prompts to assist during calibration and routine maintenance procedures. Handbooks are not required for normal operation.

UNIPRO® supports all the measurement applications within the Process Automation range of equipment, including Conveyor Scales, Weigh Feeders, Density gauges, Level gauges, Loss-In-Weight feeders, Bin weighing & Hopper scales etc.

UNIPRO® offers advantages by providing a single transmitter electronics for all the measurement systems requiring only one set of spares. Maintenance personnel also benefit from reduced training requirements due to the common operating principles and menus.

With its flexible I/O UNIPRO® may be configured to provide most hard wired Input & Output requirements.

Additionally UNIPRO® supports most Industry Standard field busses including:

  • ProfiBus® DP/PA
  • Ethernet /IP
  • DeviceNet®
  • ControlNet®
  • MODBUS+®