Level Measurement

Level Measurement
Level Measurement
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We have 3 Technologies for Level Measurement.

The technology suitable for any application would depend on the application and/or user preference.

The Technologies available include:



Products: Level Measurement
Gamma Point Level Switch

Gamma - Point Level Switches

The Gamma level switch offers a non-contacting, non-intrusive, point level measurement solution. A source of gamma rays and a gamma detecor are placed at opposite sides of the vesel in which the level is to be determined. These gauges are ideal for point level measurement in Mining and other harsh applications where other techniques do not offer the reliability required.

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Continuous Level Gauge

Gamma - Continuous Level

Being non-invasive, the measurement is unaffected by Process, Pressure, Temperature, Viscosity, Refractive Characteristics etc. and does not suffer the wear associated with invasive type measurement techniques.

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Cyclone Blocked Chute Detector

Gamma - Cyclone Blockage Detection

By making use of our proprietary Cyclone Blockage Detection System®, it is possible to avoid the problems of blockages in the cyclones.

The Cyclone Blockage Detection System® allows one to monitor the mass of material in the Cyclone (normally flowing down the Cyclone walls).

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Ultrasonic Continuous Level Gauges

Ultrasonic Level Gauges

The Sultan gauge is a non intrusive acoustic wave transmitter with flexibility used for level measuring of liquids, slurries or solids.

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Tilt Switch

Tilt Switches

The Process Automation Tilt Switch is normally suspended vertically, providing a volt-free relay output whenever the probe is moved from the vertical by more than approx. 25 degrees on any axis.

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Microwave Level Gauge

Microwave Level Gauges

The Gladiator Microwave provides point level switching for presence or absence of most solid and liquid materials.

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