In-Motion Truck Scales

In-Motion Truck Scales
In-Motion Truck Scales
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No More queues! Road Trucks are not required to stop on the Process Automation In-Motion truck scale.

Trucks are weighed while traveling slowly over the weighbridge. Each axle is weighed providing individual axle load and total vehicle weight. Overloaded trucks (axle load) are avoided and road transport regulations are observed.

Truck weight may be logged on computer. The computer software also allows entering of vehicle and cargo details.

The weigh platform has a small footprint and measurement is independent of the number of axles on the vehicle.

The installation is also relatively simple and consequently lower in cost. The system can run unattended and offers greater security.

In-motion Truck Weighers are used effectively in the following applications:

  • Material accounting / security systems
  • To comply with road regulations
  • To protect vehicles against overload