Electro-Mechanical Scales

Accuweigh 4 - Electro-Mechanical Scales
Accuweigh 4 - Electro-Mechanical Scales
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In Electro-Mechanical Conveyor Scales, the weight of material on the conveyor is measured by a weigh bridge which is installed into the conveyor. The weigh bridge incorporates high-accuracy strain gauge type load sensor(s).

The weigh bridges are available in various designs from single weighing idler arrangements, through eight weighing idler types. The weigh bridges are also available in either Standard or Counter-Balanced formats.

The conveyor speed is measured by our high-resolution, all digital, PT-500 tachometer.

The Premium scale models have an "On-Board" calibration reference, allowing for easy and rapid checking of the weigh bridge calibration. This calibration reference may be safely operated, either manually or automatically.

The Speed sensor may also be equiped with our Cal Check Mechanism, which allows the safe verification of tachometer calibration.

The UNIPRO® signal processor (weighing transmitter) used is common to all the scale models.

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Electro-Mechanical Scale


This Easyweigh scale is designed to fit on top of (versus into) the conveyor stringer. This makes it ideal for applications where it is not possible to remove bracing, decking etc in the conveyor. The Easyweigh Scale is ideal for low belt loading applications where space in the conveyor is a limiting factor.

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EC 4 - Electro-Mechanical Scales


The EC® scale provides accurate measurement on well loaded conveyors, where counter-balancing is not essential. If required at a later date, to increase weighing performance, the EC® weigh frames may be upgraded to a counter-balanced Accuweigh® weigh frames.

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Accuweigh® - Electro-Mechanical Conveyor Scales


The Accuweigh® weigh frame incorporates a long, low-deflection type weigh bridge offering extended scale-born time to minimize the effects of dynamic forces...

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Weigh Duty Idlers

Weigh Duty Idlers

The Process Automation Accu-RollTM (in-line) weigh class idlers are purpose designed to match the application and scale model.

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Boom Angle Compensation

The solid state Boom Angle Compensation (Inclination Angle Sensor) provides a measurement of the boom angle and passes it to UNIPRO® for inclusion in its weight calculations, thereby compensating for the variations in boom angle.

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